Abena & Kofi was inspired by the strength and the will of my Father, and the class and determination of my mother. My Mother was born on a Tuesday, ruled by the planet Mars which rules energy , a day of the warrior the day we execute. My Father who was born on a Friday ruled by the planet Venus ,the planet of balance and partnership

The partnership my parents forged, created me. My father instilled the love for creativity within me. He taught me to use the most natural products available. I recall visiting him during the time he was stationed at Ft McPherson ,the smell of the cocoa butter which was his most prized possession permeated the entire house as if it was a cocoa butter manufacturing plant. 

My Mother  had a link for peanut butter and honey as well as dry milk .There  are many who never had to depend on the peanut butter , honey or the dry milk.These items known as commodities which were given to low income families in the south during my era . I still to this day honor the universe for George Washington Carver for his great invention of the peanut butter and the warmness of my mother who always smiled when I would  apply honey and peanut butter to my face as a cleanser, at this time I was 12 years young.

My Mother would look on with her eyes of curiosity and ask what are you mixing? She inner stood  the benefit and properties of the honey as well as the exfoliating and moisturizing factors of peanut butter.She would say don’t go outside with that concoction on your face if you don’t want to get stung. I would  look at her and excitedly take a seat proudly, after having gained her approval for  my homemade face cleanser made me super happy as a kid.

My Mother was a naturalist in her own right. She is the first person I observed boil soap, amongst many other crafts she perfected . Her love for creativity stayed with me. We would have conversations, as I had many questions and of those she couldn’t or wouldn’t answer, I would ask of my Father. I look back at the time on one occasion I became gravely ill  in a paralysis state while visiting with my father, he prepared a drink For me that would wake the dead; it was horrible. 

The  fever and stiffness I experienced was no more. The creative energy plagued the both of my parents very heavily. They  did not withhold the benefit of making me aware of the knowledge they possessed they chose to challenge my knowledge within. 

I’m grateful for the humble beginnings of both my parents as well as myself . As for me humility  will forever be the secret sauce to the recipe of success in my business as I handcraft and handpick every product with the teachings of my parents in mind, do know  that it was the summation of  these experiences that lead me to creating a brand that has a deeper profound meaning .This isn’t a fad …This is my life! There is a silver lining in my creation and it will forever be known  as peanut butter and honey . 

Abena & Kofi


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